About Us

The Owners

Shehady's Carpets & Rugs has been operating in Pittsburgh for over 30 years. Owner Richard J Shehady is a 3rd generation rug dealer whose philosophy is to provide high-quality Oriental rugs to customers at affordable prices.

Of course, a lot of places will say the same thing. And today, more than ever, there are many stores competing for your business. But the reality is that it takes more than a large showroom or big advertising budget to make a good Oriental rug dealer. It also takes expertise, a sense for design, and the ability to understand what the customer truly wants.


Expertise allows the dealer to buy the best rugs for his inventory. There are a lot of rugs brought into this country, and as with everything, some are better than others. A good dealer will be able to stock his store with the best rugs -- those that offer excellent value and beauty -- while less knowledgeable dealers will choose mediocre rugs. Mr. Shehady is one of the foremost experts in the western Pennsylvania area, having been involved in the rug business for virtually his whole life. His extensive background in antique rugs has given him an eye for design, color, and quality. This enables him to stock his showroom with exemplary versions of all styles of rugs, from primitive tribal rugs to intricate formal designs, and from expensive to affordable. So when you shop with us, you can be certain you're getting a lot of rug for your money.

Selecting the Right Rug

Not only is Mr. Shehady an expert at buying rugs, he's also got a knack for finding the perfect rug to match what a customer wants. There are two parts to this. First, the dealer must understand the look the customer is going for, which is why we'll spend as much time with the customer as necessary to figure this out. Second, the dealer must find a rug that matches the customers preferences in an artistic and beautiful manner. Mr. Shehady has helped thousands of customers find something they love, and has developed an ability to do so quickly and painlessly. So whether you have a strong idea already of what you're looking for, or aren't yet sure, Mr. Shehady can help you find the perfect rug!

The Complete Package

There are other benefits to shopping Shehady's. We've formed excellent relationships with our suppliers from New York wholesalers and overseas manufacturers, which allows us to get exclusive deals on some of the best rug collections. That means the only place you'll find these rugs is at Shehady's Carpets & Rugs.

Our showroom is centrally located near downtown Pittsburgh, and has one of the largest inventories in the area.

Finally, we provide all the services you'll ever need for the care and maintenance of your rugs. This includes cleaning, appraisals, moth-proofing, and all types of repairs.

All in all, Shehady's Carpets & Rugs has the best of all worlds -- we combine genuine expertise and design sense, with a large inventory and great prices. If you're shopping for rugs, you owe it yourself to visit our showroom before buying anywhere else!